Go further through Research and Development

Our commitment to Research and Development stems from our desire to improve safety, efficiency, and performance to always go further.

Over the last 57 years, we developed an expertise in the trailer industry that is unparalleled. Our design team is composed of over 65 professional engineers and technicians who have an average of 16 years of experience.

A Thorough Product Development Approach

Being Canada's number 1 trailer manufacturer means that we are continuously looking to push our limits by creating innovative products and improving existing products. Our team follows a thorough stage-gate product development process (PDP), acting on the industry best practices of eco-conception (cradle-to-cradle/ end of life).



Idea generation



Defining the scope



Detailed study






Trial and validation


Sifting of ideas

Establishing your ideas

Investment decision



Market launch

The benefits of using PDP:

  • Meets genuine customer needs
  • Minimizes and mitigates the risk
  • Prompts a multidisciplinary approach (including collaboration with our external partners)
  • Generates efficient communication through all the phases
  • Utilizes the full potential of the resources
  • Delivers successful innovation/improvement

Throughout the process, Manac's engineers and technicians benefit from advanced technology to run complex analysis. They are equipped with computer-aided design (CAD) tools to run Finite Element Analysis (FEA) that allows them to anticipate potential weaknesses and premature failures. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) advanced analysis is also used to optimize aerodynamics and maximize the energetic performance in our refrigerated vans.

A Trusted Research and Innovation Centre

Created in 2019, the Centre de Recherche et d'Innovation Manac (C.R.I.M.) includes state-of-the-art testing equipment that allows our team to conduct extensive in-house physical testing, especially during the important trial and validation process (pilot testing). C.R.I.M. also partners with a group of external technology trusted organizations on many projects aimed at improving road safety, reducing our carbon footprint, and more.

Innovation Initiatives

Weight reduction while maintaining mechanical properties

By using unconventional materials and alloys, our solutions provide maximum trailer aerodynamic and fuel economy benefits. Each design and or improvement is scored with a matrix that must meet minimum requirements for weight savings, cost competitiveness and aerodynamic effectiveness without compromising reliability or longevity.

New welding technologies

Manac’s welding processes and techniques meet the best practices in the industry.  Our teams are staying ahead of emerging technologies such as Friction stir welding (FSW), laser and hybrid welding.  These technologies, in conjunction with our automation efforts, result in higher quality products, better repeatability, and the ability to reduce unneeded materials while maximizing reliability.

Bonding techniques

Our gluing techniques for specific parts assemblies, are proven to increase productivity and eliminate mechanical losses compared to welded aluminum. Our new technology for manufacturing refrigerated vans increases the useable life of the trailer while improving its energetic performance.


Using artificial intelligence (AI) is at the heart of our decision-making process not only when it comes to improved automation in our production plants but also for the design of our future smart trailers.

Examples of AI in our production plants include:

  • Intelligent/predictive sensor for the performance of welding robots
  • Dust collectors equipped with intelligent sensors (iOTs) that detect temperature variations (reduce productivity loss by avoiding the triggering of fire alarms)