Durawing Lowbed

Durable 55 Ton Lowbed

Optional features


Galvanized, 24 fabricated, 12 each side, 9" wide, including 4 boards of 6 1/2" wide x 1 5/16" thick, with storage in center

Flip-Up Axle

Removable flip up axle

Flip up neck extension

Removeable flip up neck extension


53', main deck 26' mid section
102" side rail to side rail
Deck Height
Main deck, 6" under center beams, 22" above ground
Coupler Height
King Pin
16" and removeable from above
Body Structure
Coupler Plate
5/16" plug welded structure, 100 000 psi steel
Taper beam, 84" clear behind king pin. Detachable with 2 hydraulic vertical cylinders, 9" diameter with hydraulic operated gooseneck locks
5/16" plate 100 000 psi steel and 1/4" plate 80 000 psi steel in rear section
Main beams 3/4" x 8", 16" high, 100,000 psi steel
Fabricated "H" beams, 10" @ 12 lbs/ft, 28" c/c
Oak 2 1/4" thick, covered with one coat of linseed oil, 1/2" over the frame on the side, no floor between main frame
Side Rail
Fabricated H-beams, 1/2" x 4" x 15" high, web 3/16" full length, 100 000 psi steel
24 fabricated, 12 each side, 9" wide including (4) 8" wide x 2 1/4" thick x 12' long boards with storage in center
Rear Beams
Qty 4, 102" wide, located between tires, 17" wide, 10 000 lbs capacity each, including lashing ring each end
Front End
Formed steel, between two main beams, including two pin up joints with bushings for gooseneck extension
Hydraulic Coupling
1 male pressure and 1 female return, quick coupling, 1" diameter located curb side
Steel formed model, including supports and flag, wide load sign support and warning strobe lamp support near 4-way rear connector and connecting plate with bushing for a flip-up axle
Main System
Grote Ultra Blue LED sealed lights & wiring harness system meets Transport Canada and DOT requirements
Landing Gear
One leg fabricated and activated with 4" diameter cylinder resting on truck frame
Fixed, Hendrickson (1) HT-250YS-9 and (2) HT-250US-9
ABS System
Wabco ABS 2S-1M
Air System
Air Controls
Manually adjustable ride height mechanism with manual blow down vale with pressure gauge
Fixed at front and In basket at front deck including hoses and on rear bumper for flip-up axle option
Accessories & Finishing
Shot blasted, one coat of epoxy primer and two acrylic polyurethane top coats
Conspicuity tape complies with DOT and CMVSS standards
Lashing Rings
22 heavy-duty D-rings, 9 bent style each side of main deck and 2 on gooseneck
6 flag holders, 4 on extendable lights and 2 on rear bumper, flags included
One "D" long wide road sign red and white, removeable, 12" x 96" in aluminum

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April 2023

1-year Warranty

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