Lightweight Aluminum End Dump

Optional features

Rear End

Combined dump and swing type, straight rear and variety of grain door options


Option for galvanized steel frame and suspension hangers

Man Door

Access door 48" high x 19" wide with seals located curbside on front wall with toot step and handle


102" overall and 97 7/8" inside
Coupler Height
King Pin
60"-84" side wall height
Sub Structure
Coupler Plate
3/8" thick, plug welded structure
Anit-Roll Bar
Aluminum full length between main beams
3/16" thick aluminum plate welded at frame and pull plates bolted under the beams
Aluminum frame full length, aluminum extrusion 6061-T6 polished, 5/16" thick web 17" high and 5 1/2" x 1 1/8" flanges **Steel frame for specific models**
Body Structure
9" high with integrated nose ramp 46" straight behind king pin
Aluminum extruded 6061-T6 :V: shaped with stiffeners, 4" high x 5" wide on 12" c/c with drain holes on each end
1/4" aluminum plated welded to crossmembers
Front Wall
Front Wall
3/16" thick 5454-H32 aluminum plate with 13" radius each side
Hyva, Alpha Series (FEE 9-5-336), 9" diameter, 5 sections, 336" stroke with manual greasing system
Hydraulic Coupling
Male, 1" diameter, screw type
Side wall
Side Panels
Smoothside heavy-duty polished aluminum panels, 1 3/4" thick x 15 5/16" wide. Inside wall panels welded full height
Bottom Rail
Aluminum extrusion 6061-T6, 5" x 3 3/4", welded full length to side panels
Top Rail
Aluminum extrusion 6061-T6, 5 3/16" x 4 13/16" with integrated "U" shape, welded full length to side panels
Top Rail Protector
Optional wood available
Rear Posts
Aluminum extrusion polished 6061-T6, 2 11/16" x 10" with reinforcement
Rear End
Door Frame
Aluminum extrusion (6005-T6) with a 6 degree incline
Dump, made of smoothside heavy-duty panels 6005-T6, 1 3/4" thick x 15 5/16" wide
Door Locks
Air operated, two locking hooks per side
Compression Locks
4 total, 1 each side at bottom of rear door on frame uprights and 2 on bottom of door each corner
Main System
Grote Ultra Blue LED sealed lights & wiring harness system meets Transport Canada and DOT requirements
Front Plug
7 way (SAE J560) with easy access wiring
LED shock proof lights with polycarbonate lenses
Front Additional Plug
7 way (ISO 3731) for ABS
Landing Gear
Landing Gear
Holland Mark V
Hendrickson Intraax air ride, others available
ABS System
Wabco ABS 2S-1M
Air System
Air Controls
Double, air ride suspension and door lock cylinder operate together with electric control and individually with manual control
Fixed at front
Accessories & Finishing
Landing gear and steel frame option are shot blasted, one coat of epoxy primer and two acrylic polyurethane top coats
Conspicuity tape meets CMVSS & DOT standards
4 total, aluminum cast steps on exterior front wall road side and exterior side wall at rear, "L" shape bar on the interior front wall and interior side wall at rear

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April 2023

1-Year Warranty + 5-year Warranty Aluminum dumps Cobra

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